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Wedding: Lawrence + Gracie

Life is what happens while you make other plans. A twist of fate that makes two seemingly complete opposites fall for each other as they travel the world together, learning to accept and live with their differences, with a dash of patience, an ounce of understanding and lots of love. – such a perfect story for one of the simplest people we know, Lawrence and Gracie.:)

It was our first time to shoot a Moroccan inspired Muslim marriage held in accordance with Tausug traditions.   We were all too excited to be part of an intimate wedding with an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary for a celebration full of colors, music and love!

Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-01Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-02Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-03Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-04Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-05Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-06Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-07Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-08Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-09Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-10Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-11Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-12Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-13Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-14Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-15Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-16Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-17Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-18Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-19Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-20Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-21Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-22Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-23Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-24Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-25Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-26Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-27Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-28Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-29Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-30Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-31Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-32Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-33Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-34Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-35Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-36Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-37Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-38Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-39Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-40Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-41Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-42Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-43Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-44Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-45Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-46Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-47Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-48Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-49Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-50Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-51Manny and April Photography_Baki+Gracie-52

Photographer : Manny and April Photography | Videographer : Joel Salindong | Venue: Hotel Intercontinental Manila | Bride’s Dress & Groom’s Attire : O&M Lifestyle Café | Host: Darlene Tan-Salazar | OTD : Imbitado Events | Make-up Artist : Jason Delos Reyes | Hairstylist : Julius Villanueva | Bouquets : Flowers and Foliage | Cake : Dexter’s Bakeshop | Stationery : Cardprints | Event Stylist : Stylevents |  Calligraphy : Eyed and Letters | Mehndi : Suman Gogna | Band : Hibla Sanghabi and Bernie Pasamba | Projector : Metrotech