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Wedding: Jervin + Ael

Remember our Punta Fuego engagement session wherein the groom is our close friend and almost like a brother to Manny?   They are now married and their wedding is one of the closest to our hearts! The whole event had an incredible amount of emotions throughout the day. Jervin crying while seeing Ael walk down the aisle was the best part!:)   Oh by the way, Manny covered the entire event and was part of the entourage too!  Spell multitasking, anyone?:)))

Simple and classic.   Jervin and Ael wanted a wedding that will never be outdated and will be timelessly appreciated.  From the color of Jervin’s 5 piece suit of natural light gray to Ael’s classic embroidered gown, these colors are carried out to be applied to the entire wedding. They added a touch of blush pink to give highlight and add life to the whole theme. Overall, they achieved a look of freshness that is light in the eyes.  Browse on and I hope you’ll enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them!

Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0001Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0002Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0003Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0004Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0010Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0011Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0012Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0013Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0014Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0015Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0016Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0017Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0018Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0020Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0021Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0022Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0023Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0024Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0025Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0026Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0027Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0028Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0030Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0031Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0032Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0033Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0034Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0035Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0036Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0037Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0038Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0039Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0040Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0041Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0042Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0043Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0044Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0045Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0046Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0047Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0048Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0049Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0050Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0051Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0052Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0053Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0054Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0055Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0056Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0057Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0058Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0059Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0060Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0061Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0062Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0063Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0064Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0065Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0066Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0067Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0068Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0069Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0070Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0071Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0072Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0073Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0074Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0075Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0078Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0079Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0080Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0081Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0082Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0083Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0084Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0085Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0087Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0088Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0089Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0090Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0091Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0092Jervs+Ael_Manny and April Photography-0093

Church: St. John Paul II | Reception: Sitio Elena | Bridal Gown: Mel Orlina | Groom’s Suit & Entourage Dress: Paolo Blanco | Videographer: Dreamechanics Events Films